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The department of Art & Design offers a number of professional undergraduate and graduate degree courses. The programs have been conceived in such a way that student’s unique creative and internal impetus is aligned with the requirements of the job market. Practical projects, discussion, critique and, research form the backbone of all the courses offered.

The Department of Art & Design offers a number of courses such as: Related Art; BasicDrawing; Architecture & Interior Designing; Art Education; Paintings & History of Arts; Pottery; Advanced Ceramics; Commercial Arts; Textile Designing & Printing; Graphic Communication; Marketing and Advertisement.

The department train students in different disciplines e.g. drawing andpaintings, architecture, ceramics, graphics, marketing and textile designing and it enables the students to display their work in college and art exhibitions.

Consequently the students learn to come up with new ideas; how to implement them in an impressive way and how to compete in the market-place. The annual display has a pivotal role in the career development of post graduate students of Art & Design, College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar. The annual display is the moment of celebration in the life of students which they share with their parents, friends and members of the public community who flock into witness the display.


Vision of Art & Design department is adding aesthetics in life with a touch of creativity and professionalism.


The department of art and design integrates traditional and contemporary approaches. The primary goal is to develop students as creative, productive and intellectually curious artists and designers who are capable of historical insight, critical thinking and technically proficient in their areas of emphasis. Our program combines professional training and broad study in the area so that students majoring in the specified field receive comprehensive understanding of the discipline and become cognizant of historical and cultural knowledge of the past and present; and develop competence in the use of tools, materials and processes in their profession.


• To develop the ability to communicate by using appropriate materials and different techniques in a disciplined way.
• To provide befitting instructionsand environment for students to develop aesthetic abilities and polishing creative skills.
• To provide the means to enjoy artful experiences.
• To promote and appreciate co-operation amongst students and a positive attitude towards imaginative work.
• To provide opportunities to acquire skills in using various media so that students canbring out their qualities and expressive potential.
• To provide an understanding of visual elements of line, shape,color, tone, pattern, texture, form, space.
• To investigate and appreciate artistic accomplishment.
• To provide an insight into the methods used by artists, crafts people and designers inorder to appreciate how their work was accomplished and for students to make connectionswith their own work.
• To promote skills in analysis and evaluation through which students identify scope forimprovement in their own work.
• To guide students towards their full potential and to offer encouragement so that theymay increase their confidence and derive enjoyment in their work.

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