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Management is guiding human and physical resources into dynamic organizational units which obtain their objectives of satisfaction of those served and with high degree of moral and sense of attainment on par to those who rendering service.
Management is multi purpose organ that manger and worker works. It includes planning, organizing, leading and coordinating the resources.


It is the only department in University of Peshawar that imparts the knowledge of Management to the under and postgraduate ladies exclusively. In all Home Economics Colleges of Pakistan, this Management department is the only one that gives detailed knowledge of Management to female students, from N.W.F.P in particular and other areas of Pakistan in general.
It offers a wide range of Management courses with a unique blend of family and organizational implication in order to meet the needs of a rich daily living and career.
The course of study that a student may pursue are broad. It is a good combination of theory and practice. At present the department is in process of approval of its evening MBA exclusively for ladies.


Course work program equips the graduates with knowledge of Home Management, Economics, Accounting, Consumer behavior, Consumption economics, Business Management, Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing, Project method and Women in Management.
The analytical and problem solving skills are imparted through delivery of quality educational material which includes case studies, group discussions, assignments focusing on managerial problems and formal exams.


1. To provide students with knowledge, skills and competencies in Management practice
2. To enable students to address the complex challenges related to their well-being in families and jobs
3. To develop understanding and skill in making decisions about using human and non-human resources and about entering into relationships and responsibilities
4. To provide learning about norms, customs, values and practices of families and in organizations
5. To enable students to develop skills in using and managing human and material resources for the benefit of individuals, families and society
6. To equip students with skills to manage change, implement teams in organization, lead projects, manage operations, think strategically and set conditions for innovative practice.
7. To expose students to contemporary knowledge in industrial relation and HR problems
8. To enable students to understand and apply economic and quantitative skills used in area of marketing and economics policies.
9. To enable students to analyze consumers and their buying behavior by providing knowledge about consumer motivation and attitudes
10. To equip students with greater knowledge of Management for playing a better role in socio-economic development of the society and country


Management competence is a critical success factor for any organization and its individuals. The Management tasks, being complex and dynamic involves legal, ethical, social, economical and technological issues that span local and global environment. The discipline of Management provides a foundation for understanding the Management tasks faced by the managers in an organization.
The course work covers nature and context of management, organizational and behavioral theories relating to the key functions of Management, HRM issues, leadership and Management evaluation processes that provides the basic infrastructure.

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