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The Integrated English Language Course for the College of   Home Economics was approved by the Academic Council, University of Peshawar and was implemented from September 1989.


The Department seeks:
  To enable college students to become efficient English readers, writers, and speakers
  To cultivate advanced reading, writing, listening and speaking skills
  To help the students function effectively in English language in their daily as well as academic life.
  To emphasize learning through practice rather than learning by rote.
  To make the course meaningful, useful, and interesting by relating it to the academic needs of our students.
  To encourage the teacher to make her own exercises on the given pattern
  To allow teacher’s freedom to focus on the student's needs and give more time to areas that require special attention


The textbooks, viz., Reading for Comprehension (Book I & II) and Integrated Skills (Book III & IV) consist of passages, poems, letters, dialogues, literary prose extracts (e.g., plays, novels) that are selected from a variety of books. The selections are of varying length and difficulty levels. This is true of the text as well as the exercises that follow the majority of pieces. The teacher acts as a facilitator and a guide and the students are encouraged to do silent reading and exercises on their own. Pair/group work is practised in the class. As one of the pre-reading activities the teacher may teach key words and phrases of a passage if she considers them to be difficult or unfamiliar to her class. She is expected to give help in understanding only that portion of the text that may appear to be misunderstood by the students. On no account is she to read out a passage and explain, paraphrase, or translate it sentence by sentence. The anthology also contains some pieces that are not followed by exercises. Being a practice-based language course, the teacher is required to prepare, supply and use extension material, besides the textbooks, for giving optimum practice to the students. The material and activities have been selected and designed keeping in view the weaknesses and strengths of average ability students seeking admission in this college. This English course is evaluated, reviewed, and modified regularly for consistent reform.


1. English Resource Room
For the use of audio-visual aids in TESL It is equipped with a TV, a DVD, an OHP, Cassette players, Audio-visual material including cassettes and CDs, ELT resource books for the English teachers and simplified ESL reading collection for students.
2. English Computer Room
For use by the English staff and students in ESL computer-based English language learning activities
3. English Section in the College Library
Comprising a moderate collection of books on English Language and Literature

B. For Future
Following plans are being pursued for the up gradation/development of the English department:
1. An English Audio-Visual Auditorium
2. An expanded English Resource Library
3. Faculty development through postgraduate courses
4. Linkage/collaboration with reputed universities at home or abroad
5. Workshops/trainings for the English staff
6. Inclusion of new English courses in the existing English curriculum
7. Student Exchange Programme with local/foreign universities of repute.


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