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The uniform with its accessories is available in the prescribed store on payment at the college at the time of admission. The college uniform consists of the following items:

Shirt( knee length) with Collar  =  Fawn and white check
Shalwar  =   White
Shoes (one inch heal only)   =    Black
Socks   =   Skin
Hair pin,  dand ans clips  etc.   =    Black
Sweater   =   Black
Scarf   =   White

The college uniform committee supervises the quality, rates, and supply services.
Further queries and concerns related to the uniform will be clarified at the time of admission.

Uniform Rules

Students should strictly follow the following rules regarding uniform:

• Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform.
• The uniform should be clean, properly ironed and shoes well polished.
• All kind of jewelry is prohibited.
• Violation of uniform rules even in minor items is punishable by fine as well as confiscation of the prohibited item.

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