Spring Food Fiesta was organised by the Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences, College of Home Economics UOP under the gracious supervision of Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah
Respected Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah, graced the inaugural ceremony of Literary Week at Rehman Medical College , Peshawar, as a Judge for remarkable paintings, Sketches, Calligraphic and representation of quranic verses.
College of Home Economics feels elated to annnounce that the Principal, Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah, has been awarded Women Recognition Excellence Award(Arts and Culture) on 1st March, 2024
Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah attended leadership training workshop (6~9 May 2024 ) organised by International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI) in collaboration with Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpini (Funded by HEC)
A fashion show was organized by the students of Department of Textiles and Clothing on 21 May 2024 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah,Dr. Shabana Sajjad and Miss Faryal.
Opening Ceremony and Five-Day Workshop on "Culinary Art Skills " arranged by Department of Food and Nutrition Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah, Principal CHE and Dr. Zahin Anjum.
First Home Economics (Art and Design) Thesis display,A studio research
A seminar addressing "Oral Cancer" was organized by the Department of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Shazia Ghulam Mohammad, Principal CHE
Department of Public Health and BS 6 semester attended International Public Health Conference 16th-18th April, 2024 organized by Khyber Medical University with Principal, Prof. Dr. Shazia Shah
Installation Ceremony 2024
One day educational trip to NIFA (Nuclear Institute for Food and Agriculture) arranged by Dr. Amina Rahat, Department of Food & Nutrition Sciences.
The distinguished speaker, Miss Tabbasum Yunus Katozai focused on the significant role of women in parliament.
Department of Human Development and Family Studies organized an enlightening seminar on the "Art of Communication.
seminar organised on Thursday, 22 February 2024 for BS Students in collaboration with Cyntax Health projects Pvt Ltd under the supervision of Professor Dr. Shazia Shah
A two day book fair was organized in collaboration with Readers book fair on 19th and 20th of February at college of Home Economics.
Green Campus Reuse Able Revolutional Seminar
Principal Prof Dr. Shazia Shah addressed the students on the importance of discipline
  • VC Message

    Students play the role of backbone of every nation. They determine the future of every society. I personally am a staunch believer that it is only the education which determines the progress of an individual and a nation.

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  • Dean Message

    The College of Home Economics is a unique institution of the University of Peshawar. The purpose of its establishment was to provide education with specific skills to female students in an environment conducive to the culture and traditions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Over the period of time the College has expanded in terms of its purpose and scope of its academic programmes. The college is now providing education in five specialized disciplines and preparing its graduates to serve the nation in diverse areas. The College has well-equipped laboratories and has qualified and devoted faculty members. Student's talent of entrepreneurship is promoted by whetting their creativity. Following in the footsteps of the other postgraduate institutions of University of Peshawar, the College of Home Economics has moved toward knowledge based learning by encouraging the process of research among its students and faculty members. The effort of the Principal, Professor Dr. Shehnaz Khattak, is highly commendable and I have no doubt that the College will reach the pinnacle of glory under her able leadership with the support of motivated students and staff members.

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  • Principal Message

    College of Home Economics is a unique and prestigious institution which offers a vista of diverse avenues for young entrepreneur. It is a privilege to serve this institution which not only produces accomplished daughters, mothers and wives but enables them to combat market place competition by excelling in their specific fields. My vision encompasses crossroads of unexplored opportunities for sprouting talent and my mission is to empower women in various roles. This institution provides a platform for exhibiting their latent potential and we strive to polish those skills which will yield a promising outcome. College of Home Economics equips the students to face the challenges of professional life by refining those skills. Moreover, my preoccupation has always been to create a conductive environment for research and inquiry. Encouraging inquisitive mindset among students is indeed vital for unprecedented discoveries. Having a highly qualified faculty at College of Home Economics is a significant asset. The faculty strives to transform emerging talent into versatile entrepreneur by expanding the horizon of knowledge by pushing back the boundaries from home to market place. Transitioning from being home maker to achieving professional excellence involves identifying the inherent potential and pursuing relevant education. Keeping in view the currency of interdisciplinary subjects, the curriculum has been devised and revised to meet the emerging need of Home Economics education in the market place. I hope to see this institution at the zenith of renowned glory in years ahead.

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Welcome to CHE

The study of Home Economics as a distinct discipline was introduced in the country soon after the emergence of Pakistan.

Initially, a separate department, devoted to the subject, was set-up in 1954 by the University of Peshawar, in collaboration with Colorado State University, USA. The department was later upgraded to College status in 1963. It is one of the four colleges in Pakistan devoted to the study of Home Economics, for developing a complete education programme for female students to meet the challenges of a free society. The institution equips young women with the specialized knowledge in the field of interior design, textile design, small business management, teaching, and research.

This field of study extends opportunities for pursuing careers in any of the above professions. Therefore, it has acquired a special significance in moulding the female generation, providing them with an opportunity to study a unique blend of both science and art related subjects. It also opens up future avenues for personal, professional and social enhancement...

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