Proctorial Board


Rules and Regulations are implemented by the administration together with the Proctorial Board of the College. The Proctorial Board comprises a chief proctor, staff proctors and student proctors. This board takes action against irregularities to maintain discipline. The rules are as follows:
• A student is required to attend punctually all the hours notified for lectures, demonstrations and practical. Irregular students will be fined heavily.
• Repeated absence from lectures, practical, class demonstrations and seminars deem a student liable to be expelled from the College.
• For an absence just before or after a holiday, the fine is Rs.50/- per day.
• All students are to be present in all the functions, sermons, lectures etc. of the College. Before gathering in the hall attendance will be taken by the teacher proctor. Students who remain absent will have to pay a fine of Rs.100/-
• However, a student will be fined Rs.100/- for being absent from a monthly test and Rs.300/- per paper for being absent from a term examination.
• Bunking a class will result in a fine of Rs.100/- for each class missed.
• A College identity card with photograph will have to be produced by the student before entering the hall in order to prove that she:
I. is on roll of the College of Home Economics during the academic year preceding the examination.
            II. Has attended about 75% of the full course lectures delivered                          during that academic year to her class (both theory and practical).

Leave Application
• Only those leaves will be acknowledged which are signed by one of the parents.
• If a student has an appointment with a doctor, she is suppose to come to the college, as no short leave will be granted.

General Behavior
Every student is to enter the college in proper the uniform with out makeup and jewelry.
• Misbehavior with the Principal, teachers, fellow students, peons, drivers etc. will be severely dealt with. The offender will either be heavily fined or expelled for a specific time period.
• Students found guilty of using unfair means or involved in any other fraudulent activity will either be rusticated or fined.
• Cameras and Mobile Phones are strictly prohibited and will be confiscated and fines will be levied.
• Students who need to use phone booth should be accompanied with their proctors.
• Only parents with their ID cards should come to pick up their daughters in case of emergency.
• No visitors or gifts are allowed to be received at the College gate.
• No visitors should accompany the students when they come to the college.
• Students are not allowed to order food from outside during college hours.
• Discipline is to be maintained in the canteens too.


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