Principal Message

College of Home Economics is a unique and prestigious institution which offers a vista of diverse avenues for young entrepreneur. It is a privilege to serve this institution which not only produces accomplished daughters, mothers and wives but enables them to combat market place competition by excelling in their specific fields. My vision encompasses crossroads of unexplored opportunities for sprouting talent and my mission is to empower women in various roles. This institution provides a platform for exhibiting their latent potential and we strive to polish those skills which will yield a promising outcome. College of Home Economics equips the students to face the challenges of professional life by refining those skills. Moreover, my preoccupation has always been to create a conductive environment for research and inquiry. Encouraging inquisitive mindset among students is indeed vital for unprecedented discoveries. Having a highly qualified faculty at College of Home Economics is a significant asset. The faculty strives to transform emerging talent into versatile entrepreneur by expanding the horizon of knowledge by pushing back the boundaries from home to market place. Transitioning from being home maker to achieving professional excellence involves identifying the inherent potential and pursuing relevant education. Keeping in view the currency of interdisciplinary subjects, the curriculum has been devised and revised to meet the emerging need of Home Economics education in the market place. I hope to see this institution at the zenith of renowned glory in years ahead.

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