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The uniform with its accessories is available in the prescribed store on payment at the college at the time of admission. The college uniform consists of the following items:

B.Sc. Home Economics

Shirt (Knee Length) with collar  =  Fawn
Shalwar  =  White
Duppatta  =  White with fawn piping
Shoes (one inch heal only)   =   Black
Socks   =    Skin
Hair pins, bands and clips, etc. =  Black
Blazer   =    Black
Sweater  =    Black
Scarf   =     White
Slip   =     White

Uniform Rules

Students should strictly follow the following rules regarding uniform:

• Students are required to wear the prescribed uniform.
• The uniform should be clean, properly ironed and shoes well polished.
• All kind of jewelry is prohibited.
• Violation of uniform rules even in minor items is punishable by fine as well as confiscation of the prohibited item.

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