History of CHE


The study of Home Economics as a distinct discipline was introduced in the country soon after the emergence of Pakistan. Initially, a separate department, devoted to the subject, was set-up in 1954 by the University of Peshawar, in collaboration with Colorado State University, USA. The department was later upgraded to College status in 1963. It is one of the four colleges in Pakistan devoted to the study of Home Economics, for developing a complete education programme for female students to meet the challenges of a free society. The institution equips young women with the specialized knowledge in the field of interior design, textile design, small business management, teaching, and research.

This field of study extends opportunities for pursuing careers in any of the above professions. Therefore, it has acquired a special significance in moulding the female generation, providing them with an opportunity to study a unique blend of both science and art related subjects. It also opens up future avenues for personal, professional and social enhancement.

“Ours Is The Privilege To Mould The Society”


The College of Home Economics, a unique institution of its nature in the University of Peshawar, is committed to provide quality Home Economics education at the undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and M.Phil. / Ph.D. levels. The College upholds and stands by the aims of International Federation of Home Economics, which are:

  • To educate about the universal values of households and families as environments within which individuals are assisted to reach their full potential and to acknowledge their global interdependence. 
  • To promote awareness that families and households are the prime nurturing environments for every human being and that mental, physical, psychological and emotional family well-being is the basic infrastructure for all other forms of social and economic development. 
  • To emphasize the social, economic and environmental impact of the management of everyday life of individuals, families and households. 
  • To promote the concept of families and households as operating within a larger social, economic and physical environment with a myriad of exchanges between individuals and these larger environments on a daily basis. 
  • To conduct research in areas relevant to Home Economics (individual, household and family issues related to the satisfaction of physical and psychological needs) which expand the understanding of the ecological view of individuals, families and households in the larger environment.


  • To educate female students with in the context of moulding society and promote women's education by contributing latest job oriented modren coures.
  • To develop social sensibilities and prepare students to cope better with their various roles in higher studies and not only as individuals, but as family members and citizens of the state.
  • To inculcate true appreciation of social, religious and Islamic values in the practical lives of the students.
  • To gear women towards professional careers and a general socio-economic development.
  • To develop confidence in young women to realize the importance of their distinct role as nation builders.
  • To expose the students to the latest knowledge and technology to familiarize them with the advancements in the industrial and research sectors.

Future Plans

  • MS. Home Economics: The course of BS Home Economics is under way and its 7th semester is about to commence. In order to facilitate their smooth progress, MS. Programme is in the pipeline for which all the paperwork has been completed. 
  • Sixthe Discipline: Initiation of sixth discipline of Home Economics along with the current five disciplines. 
  • Distance Learning in Home Economics: Distance learning program will be offered in the fields of Human Development & Family Studies and Management studies. 
  • Counseling Center: A counseling center with state of the art facilities and highly trained and experienced staff will provide counseling services along with personality and psychological analysis. 
  • Diplomas and Certificates: The College plans to start different diploma and certificate courses of varying duration in the various disciplines of Home Economics. 
  • Up gradation of Computer Laboratories: Up to date Dual Core systems are planned to be installed in the student and Staff computer labs to facilitate the teaching and research activities. 
  • Installation of Multi Media in Classrooms: To bring the teaching methodology at par with the modern practices, the classrooms will be equipped with multi media facility. 
  • Upgradation of physcial structure of classrooms, conference hall, seminar room and science labs.
  • Highly trained work force: Teacher training, workplace ethics and efficiency for the class-IV and self grooming course. 
  • Centralized Research Cell: Newsletter, Journals and College Magazine 
  • Display Centre: The Student Projects and Departmental souvenirs will be displayed for general public

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