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There are a total number of six vehicles to provide pick and drop service to college students and two Suzuki High Roof ‘s, one is used for official work and the other one is for the Principal.

Transport committee
The college has a transport committee to supervise the transport matters of the college. Various responsibilities have been delegated to the members of transport committee which are as following.
• Maintaining discipline in the buses with the help of student’s proctors.
• Checking of bus fee cards.
• Keeping an eye on the regular pick and drop points for each student.
• Taking attendance of the students at arrival and departure time with the help of student proctors.
The students who are availing the college bus transport for pick and drop service have to strictly follow the following rules.
1. Bus fee is to be submitted to the office by the 10th of every third month due time. (The Incharge teacher on 10th  of every month checks the bus card).
Fine of Rs. 10/- is charged after due date.
2. The students are to reach their respective stops ten minutes before the arrival of the bus.
3. The concerned bus Incharge and authorized bus drivers with mutual consent of the Incharge transport fix the routes keeping in view the minimum time and fuel consumption. Anyone who approaches for any undue favors in this regard will not be entertained
4. Nobody is allowed to change the   vehicle without the permission of the transport Incharge. Those who come in their respective bus in the morning are not allowed to go by another bus at the pack up time.
The proctors at both the arrival and departure time confirm attendance.
5. The students who wish to discontinue the college bus services are directed to inform the Incharge transport at least two weeks prior to discontinuation. However they are not allowed to do so at the end of session.
6. The student proctors under the supervision of the Incharge teachers maintain discipline in the bus. Those who violate the rules are barred from transport facility till final decision by Disciplinary committee (Proctorial board).

?Anyone who has any problem, objection or complaint regarding bus service or bus staff can submit their complaint in writing to Incharge Transport for further action.


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