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Ph.D (Home Economics) Programme

We are proud to accounce that College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar is first ever College to offer Ph.D in its five major diciplines under the University of Peshawar rules.

To provide opportunity of higher studies of Ph.D. in Home Economics disciplines in the University of Peshawar to facilitate acquisition of higher learning and qualifications in the field of Home Economics.

All rules and regulations regarding M.Phil./Ph.D. programmes incorporated in the University of Peshawar* Guidebook, “M.Phil./Ph.D. Regulations 2005,” and prescribed amendments thereafter shall be adopted.

Programme Features:
• It comprises three semesters of combined M.Phil./Ph.D. coursework and the fourth semester for Ph.D. only.
• The UOP requirement of minimum 24 credit hours before moving into the Ph.D. programme shall be observed. Out of these,  minimum major courses of 18 credit hours and related courses of 6 credit hours shall be completed in the initial three semesters.
• The required CGPA of minimum 3.00, the comprehensive examination, and additional 12 credit hours of coursework for the Ph. D. programme shall be followed.
• All other requirements for M.Phil./Ph.D. programmes by the UOP according to the guidelines referred to earlier shall be fulfilled.
• Highly qualified local and/or foreign faculty shall be arranged for teaching the courses for giving a quality standard. Links with foreign universities shall be established for the said purpose.

Following are the M.Phil./Ph.D Programmes of the five Home Economics Departments in the College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar. Each programme layout incorporates these sections:
Part I: Courses Outline
Part II: Specimen Plan
Part III: Courses Details
 It is to be noted that the Specimen Plan serves as a model only. Any necessary changes in the placement of courses in the semesters, or increase/decrease in credit hours in coursework, or any other relevant matter within the required UOP framework shall be made through the prescribed channel.

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