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Food is an eminent energy source, nutrient need and enjoyment. Department of Food and Nutrition provides a healthy up to date and basic knowledge to emphasis genetic, environmental, behavioral and cultural factors which can affect a person's health. Understanding family history of disease or risk factors, such as body weight and fat distribution, blood pressure and blood cholesterol, can help people make more informed decisions about how to improve health. Making good food choices is among the most pleasurable and effective ways of improving health. 


To provide quality education at graduate and postgraduate levels, and develop cutting edge techniques to meet the national and global challenges in food security, safety and human nutrition. The mission of the department is to prepare competent practitioners who will contribute to the enhancement of the health of the general population through provision of proper nutritional education and counseling, while demonstrating ethical standards. The department provides students with high quality education and supervised practical experience. In addition students are provided with opportunities for research, community service, and life-long learning.


  • Our graduates are working in the areas of:
  • Teaching  
  • Research
  • As Nutritionists in the hospitals
  • As Dietitians in the hospitals
  • Our graduates are enjoying the pioneers status of nutritionists & dietitians in KPK hospitals
  • Nutrition consultants in the Armed forces
  • International agencies and NGOs
  • Departments of United Nations such as FAO, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, UNESCO,WFP
  • Private clinics & weight management clinics
  • Gyms, health centers and counseling units Multinational Food Companies & industries
  • Restaurant owners Managers in hotels &restaurants Marketing& advertising agencies
  • Small business owners ( Home based cookery & bakery  take –aways ).


The objective of Food and Nutrition major is to provide basic knowledge and practice to enhance the quality of life though the improvement of human health and nutritional status.

The aim of the study is focused on cultivating the integrating competences involved in the Basic and Applied Sciences related to the fields of Food and Nutrition, such as Food Science, Nutrition and Food Service Management.

The emphasis is on the cultivating professional leaders who are able to meet the demands of ever-diversifying society, by helping them understand the principles and technical skills.

The objective of the Department is to raise the quality of life by improving the level of human health and nutrition though research and practical application.

  • Developing globally competitive human resource to address emerging challenges in food science and human nutrition
  • To provide appropriate cost-effective technology packages for handling, processing and storage of agricultural produce through value addition and curtailing post-harvest losses
  • To develop and provide technical information, training and services to the private sector and other stake holders in the food industry
  • Developing and strengthening an integrated network between academic, research, food industry and consumers
  • To develop and maintain collaboration with national and international bodies concerned with nutrition and food science
  • Health improvement of vulnerable groups through better nutrition
  • To develop capacity building to meet the challenges of international markets

Health Care & Nutrition Careers

Where to Work

  • Medical and surgical hospitals
  • Nursing care facilities
  • Outpatient care centers
  • Public health clinics
  • Home health agencies
  • Schools
  • Weight loss institutes
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • State governments
  • Company cafeterias
  • Health maintenance organizations
  • Prisons
  • Career Options
  • Clinical dietician
  • Provide nutritional services for patients in
  • institutions.
  • Community dietician
  • Counsel individuals and groups on
  • nutritional practices.
  • Management dietician
  • Oversee large-scale meal planning and
  • preparation.
  • Dietetic Technician
  • Work with a dietician to assist and
  • implement nutritional programs.
  • Health educator
  • Provide information to communities and
  • people to maintain, promote, and improve
  • healthy lifestyles.
  • Natural health therapist
  • Help patients restore balance to their health
  • by using special diets, herbal remedies, and
  • acupuncture.


  • Work under contract or in private practice.
  • Short courses for Mothers
  • Short course of cooking, baking, Table Settings.
  • Joint Research Projects with International Health Agencies
  • Diploma in Dietetics, Nutrition, Hotel Management
  • Nutrition Supplementation Program for Disaster affected Areas.
  • Health Promotion Program in villages/schools
  • Collaborative research and consultation with hospitals like KTH, IRNUM & North West hospital. 

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