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The Department of Science includes the compulsory subjects of Chemistry, Biochemistry Physiology Microbiology Food chemistry and food microbiology, taught at B.Sc, BS, M.Sc M.Phil and PhD levels. This department prepares students for full understanding of science coursework and practical work as a sound scientific background is imperative in today, age of scientific discoveries and technological advancement.


  • This introduction has been sufficiently elaborated for the full understanding of the science theoretical work and practical work carried out at different stages at graduation and master levels.
  • It would be of interest to any individual who wishes to get knowledge about graduation in Home Economics and Master in any field of Home Economics and the levels of scientific studies by different course work during studies.
  • In this age of scientific discoveries and technological advancement the scientific background is important. The basic concept of the study depends on how well the available scientific knowledge is utilized.
  • Different fields of Home Economics specialization’s like Food and nutrition, Textile chemistry, textile science, Art and design color chemistry need scientific knowledge and background with well-organized experimental work and use of latest equipments.
  • Scientific knowledge is utilized for practical use in different fields of Home Economics specialization like food & nutrition, Textile Chemistry Textile science, Art and Design color Chemistry etc. Making observation is fundamental to all science. So many experiments are also included in the course work.

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