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The department focuses on the Mastery of the principles of human development, and an understanding of the key developmental task of each stage of life. It provides Depth of understanding in one or more of the developmental stages, with particular emphasis on the family as a context for human development. Family Studies helps in Understanding of intra-family processes such as power, decision-making, and communication. Improves understanding on comprehensive examination of the interface between the family and various social/political/cultural environments.


The objective of the Human Development and Family Studies is to provide students with an integrated knowledge and interdisciplinary understanding of family relationships and individual development over the life course.

Bachelor of Science in Human Development

  • The bachelor's degree program in Human Development and Family studies focuses on effective strategies for working with children, adults and the old age. Emphasis is placed on the family with some coursework in individual development. Coursework focuses on understanding the complex issues that occur over an individual's lifespan, including:
  • Cognitive, physical, social and family development.
  • Child evaluation and assessment
  • Parent and child relationships
  • Child neglect and abuse
  • Working with individuals and families
  • Practicum in early childhood programs

Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

The master's degree program in Human development and family studies help Students learn how to effectively work with couples, families and children; they are also exposed to the resources available to families in need. In addition to Human development theory, master's degree programs will explore topics like public policy, counseling and education. Coursework includes the following:

  • Basic counseling skills
  • Administration and organization of vocational cooperative education programs
  • Public policy for families and consumers
  • Consumer decision-making
  • Families in later life
  • Aging health aspects

Ph.D. in Human Development

The doctoral program is designed so that students can enter into areas of specialized research while completing core coursework, which may include the following:

  • Aging and cognition
  • Human growth and development research methods
  • Individual development
  • Cognitive and linguistic development issues
  • Behavioral and emotional development in adolescents



In order to observe the developmental progress of infants and toddlers, day care and play group are established in the college. The center provides activities suitable for the social, physical, mental and emotional development of children. The facility is also used to benefit mothers of infants and toddlers who are employed elsewhere.


The nursery school is a unique laboratory for the students of human development studies. preschool children are enrolled in the nursery school as in any other educational institution .the students have the benefits of observing children for their physical and mental growth and development, the nursery school has a variety of equipment for indoor and outdoor play, educational toys and books . The senior students also assist in work related to the nursery school.


  • Early Childhood Educators
  •  Family Counselors
  •  Consultants for Special Education
  •  Researchers
  •  Gerontologist
  • Maternal and Child Health Care workers
  •  Human Service Workers and NGO’s
  •  Educational institutions.

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