Ms. Faiza Touqeer

Designation: Assistant Professor


M.Sc / Ph.D Home Economics (enrolled)


Clothing and Textile


Workshop Participated:

  1. As Resource Person for Hand Loom Weaving organized by AHAN KPK

Workshop Participated / Attended:

  1. Project Proposal and Project Cycle Managemnet organized by HEC Pakistan
  2. Project Management and Proposal Writing organized by HEC Pakistan
  3. Science and Cultural Technology held at Edwards College Peshawar
  4. First National Conference on Home Economics held on June 03-04, 2014


Conference Attended:

  • 1st National Conference on Home Economics, organized by HEC Pakistan
  • The Latest Orchaeological Investigations in Pakistan, organized by HEC Pakistan

Research Publications:

National / International Publication:

  1. Impact of Functional Finishes on the Tensile and Tear Strength Properties of Pigment Dyed P/C Fabrics by Post and Meta-Finishing Modes of Application, Journal of Science & Technology (2013), Vol. 37, No. 2 :71-83.
  2. Colour Fastness and Tensile Strength of Cotton Fabrics Dyed with Natural Extracts of Alkannatinctoria by Continous Dyeibg Technique, Journal of the Chemical Society of Pakistan  (2015), Vol. 37, No.5.
  3. Evaluation of Flexural Rigidity and Abrasioon Resistance of Post and Meta-Finnished Pigment Dyed P/C Fabrics, Journal of Engneering and Applied Science , Vol. 35, No.2: 63-72.
  4. A comparative Study on the Application of Acid Dye on Nylon and Wool with Special Reference to thier Strength and Colorfastness. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture (1993) , Vol. 9, No.6: 663-638.
  5. A Comparitive Study on the Application of Basic Dye on Nylon and Wool with Special Reference to their Strength and Colorfulness . Sarhad Journal of Agriculture,(1994) Vol. 10, No. 6: 106-112

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