Dr. Farhat Shehzad

Designation: Principal, College of Home Economics


Ph.D Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry


Workshop Attended:

  1. Workshop for English Textbook writers organized by the NWFP Text Book Board in April 2005.
  2. One week Chemistry workshop on BioAnalytical Skills2006
  3. Reading Workshop, The role of college girls in Disaster management. Lahore 2008
  4. workshop for research writing and proposal writing organizes by PUTA university of Peshawar in Feb 2010.
  5. workshop on Exploring Mars Discovery from 4th-10th October 2013, at UET Peshawar.
  6.  on “Help to disables” on 16th Dec 2014 Arranged by Human Development Department CHE
  7. on Counseling and Rehabilitation of Disabled People on 10 feb, 2015. Held at RMI


Workshop Organized:

·      titled “ Techniques and Methodology in Thesis Writing” on March 8th 2018 by Ms. Azra Masood M.Sc research scholar college of Home Economics UOP


Seminar Attended:

  1. on “Why Proteins Attenuate Blood Glucose Levels in Teenage Girls” on 1st November, 2011 at College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar, arranged by Family Science Department, University of Kuwait.
  2.  a seminar on” Introduction to Centralized Resource Laboratory, University of Peshawar” on January 19th, 2012 by professor Dr. Riaz, at  Institute  of Physics and Electronics, University of Peshawar
  3. seminar titled “Emerging Environmental Issues” on 26th January 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP for F.Sc II, IV & M.Scstudents, guest speaker Dr. Kashif Gul, asst. Prof. ICS, UOP.
  4.  "Use of Equipment’s for research work” to M.Phil. Scholars at Institute of Chemical Sciences. Spectroscopic Methods by , 2014.
  5. seminar arranged by PUTA at TCC hall title "Humanitarianism inPakistan.on 9/1/2018 speaker Dr Tronchi . 
  6. seminar on 14 /2/2018 arranged by QEC University of peshawar on Quality assurance guest speaker Dr tamiur Ex director QEC ,UOP.
  7. seminar arranged by PUTA at TCC hall title "Humanitarianism inPakistan.on 9/1/2018 speaker Dr Tronchi . 
  8. seminar on 14 /2/2018 arranged by QEC University of peshawar on Quality assurance guest speaker Dr tamiur Ex director QEC ,UOP. 

Seminar Organized:

  1. Introduction to Solar Energy Technologies” on 16th February 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP
  2.  Carbon all around” on 2nd march 2017 at College of HomeEconomics, UOP 
  3. General Laboratory Precautionary Measures” on 20th January 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP
  4. seminar for MSc, M.Phil scholar “Health Hazard of house hold Chemicals”.12 /3/17 
  5. “Use of Equipment’s for research work” to M.Phil. Scholars at Institute of Chemical Sciences. Supervised by Prof. Dr Jasmin Shah on 5thJan, 2015.
  6.  seminar for BSc  “Health Hazard of house hold Chemicals”. 4 /4/17 
  7. Emerging Environmental Issues” on 26th January 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP
  8. “Coordination Complexes”. on 2nd feb 2017 , speaker; Dr. Adnan Khan assistant professor at  institute of chemical sciences, university of peshawar, title; 
  9. “Introduction to Solar Energy Technologies” on 16th February 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP

  10.  Carbon all around” on 2nd march 2017 at College of HomeEconomics, UOP

  11. General Laboratory Precautionary Measures” on 20th January 2017at College of Home Economics, UOP

  12. “Household water purification methods” on 14th February 2017 at College of Home Economics, UOP 



Extension Lectures:

Lecture Organized:

  1. ·       extension lecture “Hybridization Technique” was arranged for students of F.Sc part 2 on 16th November, 2011 at College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar.
  2. extension lecture, titled “Coordination Complexes” speaker Dr. Adnan Khan, assist Prof., ICS, UOP on 2nd Feb 2017 for F.Sc II at College of Home Economics University of Peshawar


Training Participated:

  1.   One-month Teacher Training Program in computer skills 2006, College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar.
  2. ·Two-Week English Language Course for College Teachers at University of Peshawar organized by British council 2005.

Research Publications:

National / International Publication:

                             LIST OF PUBLICATIONS

 Dr. Farhat-Un Nisa Shehzad


Sr No Name of Journal /ISSN ,/ISBN No Vol.No &Paper No Title of Publication/othe Date of Publication

  1. Pakistan Journal of Science and Industrial Research, 1.21(IF)Complexes of 1,4 Diaminobenzene Tetraacetic acid with some of the Transition Metals ,ISSN 2221-6413 9/ ISSN 2223-2559 (Online 41 (1)17-2210/101998.
  2.  Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan, 0.327 (IF) ISSNSpectrophotometeric  method for quantification of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Herbicide” 0253-5106 32,(4), 557-540 ,2010
  3. Journal of the Brazilian Chemical Society 1.343(IF) ISSN.Flow injection spectrophotometric determination of fenoxaprop-p-ethyl herbicide after derivitization and its application to real samples0103-5053:21.10, 1923 -1928 29/6 /2010
  4. Environmental Monitoring Assess 2.54(IF)Quantification of Pendimethalin in soil and garlic samples by microwave-assisted solvent extraction and HPLC method” ISSN: 0167-6369 ..175, 103-108,  18/5/2011
  5. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2.55(IF) ISSN: 0167-6369 ..Quantafication of triazine herbicides in soil by microwave-assisted extractionand high- performance liquid chromatography, 178,111-119.2011
  6. Toxilogical and Environmental Chemistry. 2.11(1F) ISSN 1029-0486. Development of a complex-based flow injection spectrophotometric method for determination of the  herbicide pinoxaden in environmental samples” 93(8),1547-1556,13/7 2011
  7. Pak. J. Weed Sci. Res. 0.971(IF) (ISSN: 1018-7081"Determination of pendimethalin herbicide in water and vegetable samples by microwave assisted solvent extraction and HPLC method”17(2): 175-185, Aug,2011
  8. Journal of Chemical Society of Pakistan. 0.94(IF) 0253-5106 0.327 Quantification of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl herbicide in soil and vegetable samples by microwave-assisted solvent extraction and HPLC method 34(6) 1554-1559 Aug.2012,
  9. Sarhad  Journal of .Agriculture,  ISSN 1016-4383(P)/2224-5383 Online Spectrophotometric method for the determination of Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl herbicide in wheat and barley grains using charge transfer complex.Jan,2012
  10. Pakistan Journal of Weed and Science   Research. 0.97 (IF) (ISSN: 1018-7081 Determination of dinitroaniline herbicide in food samples and commercial formulations using spectrophotometric method 18(3): 265-275 Dec,2012
  11. Environmental Monitoring & Assessment 2.56(IF) ISSN: 0167-6369 ..Determination of ametryn in sugarcane and ametryn-atrazine herbicide formulations using spectrophotometric method ,184(6) 364-8,2012
  12. Pakistan Journal of Weed and Science   Research. (0.97)ISSN: 1018-7081 Quantification of pinoxaden herbicide in wheat grains and vegetable samples by ultra-sonication-assisted extraction and HPLC19(2) 167-177,.Aug.2013
  13. Pakistan Journal of Weed and Science Research(IF 0.93)(ISSN: 1018-7081 Determination of aryloxyphenoxy propionate group of herbicides using HPLC  in food samples 22(1): 49-62, 2016
  14. Pakistan Journal of Weed and Science Research  (IF 0.93) (ISSN: 1018-7081. Effect of sowing direction, plant spacing and weed control treatments on TOMATO yield and its weed22(1): 49-62,April,2016 
  15. Khyber Medical University Journal Frequency and Association of Risk Factors in Development of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 9(3): 126-129. August 24 2017
  16. International Journal In Physical and Applied Sciences ISSN: 2394-571 (IJPAS)Caffeinated Drinks: A Factor of Iron Deficiency in Teenagers(15-19)Vol.02 Issue-05. May,2015
  17. J. Sc. & Tech. Univ. Peshawar, “Y” ISSN 0250-5339.Assessment of nutritional composition of beef and mutton and importance of their nutritional values"38 (2), 37-42. Dec,2014,
  18. J. Sc. & Tech. Univ. Peshawar, “Y”ISSN 0250-5339.strength analysis of one-step pigment dyeing anddurable  press finishing of  polyester/cotton blendedsheeting fabrics with various crosslinking agents38 (1), 31-39  Dec, 2014,
  19. J. Sc. & Tech. Univ. Peshawar, 2014, “Y” ISSN 0250-5339.Evaluating the tensile strength and K/S value of cotton fabric dyed with natural extracts of madder root (Rubia Tinctorum) by pad-steam process. 39 (1), 1-11-. June, 2015.
  20. PUTAJ (science)UOP Journal Determination of mancozeb fungicide in vegetable samples using spectrophotometric method , 79-89 ,2011
  21. PUTAJ ,UOP journal Serumrate level of a Gout patient.” 115-122 2011.
  22. “HEALTH  AND HERBICIDES” Book, Published by LAP. Germany  SBN 978-3-659-19592-1 2011
  23. Quantification of Dithiocarbamates fungicide residue in fruits samples by spectrophotometeric method Journal of Home Economics and Behavioral Sciences (JHEBS) (In Process In Process Since 2014 in progress Accepted and reviewed




  1. Incharge and member collage Admission comittee
  2. Incharge and member collage purchase comittee
  3. Incharge for preparation of collage Annual Report
  4. Member Board of studies CHE
  5. Member Graduate comittee Mphil -PhD Program
  6. member HEC approval comittee for Govt Home Economics Collages KP
  7. Meber Collage Science Society.
  8. Member Chemical society Of Pakistan.
  9. Member CHE Journal Science section.
  10. Member Review comittee ELSVER Publication.
  11. Member Scholership comittee CHE .
  12. Member Board of faculty Managment and Information Science
  13. Member ASRB
  14. Member PUTF
  15. Member Convocation Committee,UOP
  16. Member Students Acedemics Society,UOP
  17. Member Chemical Science Society,Pakistan
  18. Member Peshawar University ALUMNI Associations
  19. Member BOS Banu university of Science and technology(Home Economics BoS)
  20. Member Carrier Development Society
  21. Member Social Work Society CHE and UOP
  22. Member PCIF Pakistan RTSC,KP


HEC recognized supervisor:

HEC Approved supervisor for Analytical Chemistry/Food analysis

Visits Organized:

For College:

  1. visit was arranged  for  students of M.Sc Previous (Foods & Nutrition) in  Biotechnology lab University Of  Peshawar on 26 and 27 Feb, 2014   under the supervision of Ms. Sadaf Fayaz   and Ms Ayesha Ali to learn the.” To develop Culture media for the growth of Microorganism” Ms. Saher Nigar Lecturer in Bio Technology guided the students.
  2. Students of Home Economics B.Sc. 1-MSc final visited Diagnostic lab from 26th to 29th Feb, 2014 for research purpose  performed the Hb test under supervision of Dr. Fazle Wahid incharge Diagnostic lab UOP.
  3. arranged Visit of College of Home Economics Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa  at College of Home Economics University of Peshawar 16 october 2015



Research Achievements

  1. International Publications in ISI indexed journals    11     
  2. Publications in national/HEC recognized journals     23
  3. Total Publications                                                 34
  4. Total impact factor                                               92    
  5. Total Ph.D Produced.                                            02    
  6. Total M.Phil Produced                                           05     
  7. Book Published                                                     01
  8. Total number of citation                                      1500               

Social events:

Event Organized:

  1. Orientation Day for students, August 2018
  2. Milad Shareef , September 2018
  3. Installation Cermony
  4. Grand Fun Fair, January 2019
  5. Mega Home Science Exhibition,2019
  6. Food Festival along CPEC,2019
  7. Art Festival & Painting Competition,2019
  8. Enviromental Day, 2019
  9. Green Clean Pakistan, 2019
  10. Cancer Day awareness Program,2019


  1. Gold Medal for obtaining first position in M.Sc Chemistry.
  2. Excellence award from Vice Chancellor for best student faculty of science.
  3. Khushal Khan Khattak award for higher studies.



  1. Decoration at Islamic University Islamabad
  2. Nutrition community of Pakistan
  3. community Research and Development Organization,College of Home Economics.

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