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  • Attended one day Seminar on “Interfaith Women Peace Building network” on 30-11.2015, organized by the Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, UOP in collaboration with Peace Education and Development Foundation (PEAD).

  • Represented the College of Home Economics, University of Peshawar, as a member in a Seminar organized by PUTA in1994 at Baragali campus
  • Participated in Science& Cultural Fair organized by Science & Cultural Society, Edwards College, Peshawar held on 25th to 26th Jan,1995
  • One day seminar on “Humanitarianism in Pakistan”,Tuesday ,9th jan,2018 at Teacher’s community centre,PUTA,University of Peshawar.

,Participated,, by: Dr. Shabana Sajjad

Organized a lecture/presentation  for staff and students of M.sc, dept. of Textiles & Clotihng and Foods& Nutritioon on "Diet, No Pills is the future" on 8th May 2017. The speakers were students of  KMC,Peshawar.

,,Organized, by: Dr. Shabana Sajjad

2009                Organized a Seminar on “Acne and Hirsuitism” and “Infertility” sponsored by Bayer Company at College of Home Economics, UOP


2009                Organized a Seminar on “Opportunities for Scholarships & Higher Studies”, sponsored by British Council at College of Home Economics, UOP


,,Organized, by: Ms. Faryal Yousaf

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